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Serving the Northwest Houston, TX area

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Excellent Daycare Services for Your Child

We understand that work often prevents you from spending the entire day with your child. The child daycare services at Kathy's Kiddie Corner of Houston, TX offers a solution. Our highly trained staff members all have years of experience working with kids of all ages.

Our staff has an average of 20 years of experience in the childcare field

We can take care of babies as young as 6 weeks, or adolescents up to 12 years old.

Our schedules and activities suit all age groups. The goal of each of these is to provide a secure, stable environment that encourages learning, teamwork, and cooperation - all while having fun!


Regardless of your child's age, we ensure they receive a healthy, filling lunch that meets all of their basic nutrition requirements. They'll also get plenty of exercise to expend some of their energy.

Keeping Your Child Enthralled with Learning

We also offer a great preschool curriculum as well as an excellent before and after school program for your child.

Providing Fun for Children of All Ages

Caring for Your Child

  • Family oriented

  • Large playground

  • Summer camps

  • Full or part time care available

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Dedicated and Experienced Staff!